Hydrant measurement / Testing with App

Live transmission of the measured data

All measurement data for pressure, flow, temperature, turbidity and (conductivity) are transmitted live from the hydrant tester to the app and the measurement reports and diagrams are displayed directly as a preview.

The control of the measuring device can be done easily and intuitively via the wasserkarte.info app.

Automatic archiving of the measuring protocols

After the measurement is completed, the measurement reports are stored together with the hydrant and can be quickly retrieved at any time later. This also allows a comparison of the measured values over a longer period of time.

An export of the data to common geo information systems (CSV, XML, ...) is standard. In addition, the data recorded on site can be transferred to the wasserkarte.info web version by means of synchronization and managed centrally.

Checklist for hydrant maintenance

Hydrant maintenance can be carried out and documented directly on site using a simple checklist. The results are recorded in the system and there is an automatic reminder of due maintenance dates.

QR-codes as opener for the documentation

The use of special, high-quality QR Code labels makes work much easier. Simply scan the code and all data on the object is displayed immediately.

No waiting time for GPS positioning is necessary. This simple and convenient identification allows for quick identification and a clear assignment. Thus, mix-ups of the measuring points are impossible.

No dependence on an internet connection

All measurement data are stored locally on the tablet / smartphone. Thus, no permanent internet connection is required and recorded data can be synchronized at a later time in the office.

Mobile as app as well as in the office on the PC

No matter whether you are on the move with your tablet / smartphone or sitting in front of your PC in the office. All data is available at any time via the app or via web access. We take care of the operation and the backup copies. You can use the system immediately and do not need your own server or IT knowledge.


The portable hydrant tester from MECON is optimized for the use in combination with the wasserkarte.info app

  • measurement of flow rate, pressure, the temperatur¹⁾ and turbidity¹⁾
  • maintenance-free device without moving parts
  • free flow (no additional pressure losses)
  • data transfer via Bluetooth to the wasserkarte.info app
  • including data memory for 2.000.000 measured values
  • 5 inch LCD display, illuminated display
  • easy operation with three buttons or via wasserkarte.info app
  • operating time up to 24 hours (2 integrated battery packs (NiMH) each 7.2 V)
  • charging time about 4 hours
  • measuring ranges: 0 - 239,1 gpm / 0 - 905 lpm (2” / DN 40) to 0 - 3,361 gpm / 0 - 12,723 lpm (6” / DN 150) - larger measuring ranges on request
  • available in different versions from DN 40 (Storz C) - DN 150 (Storz 150)
  • measuring accuracy: ±0.5 % of measured value²) ±0.25 % FS³)
  • operating pressure Pe: max. 16 bar
  • media temperature: +33,8 °F to +104 °F (+1 °C to +40 °C)
  • protection class: IP54
  • system language: English, German
  • great stability
  • extensive accessories such as regulating valve, compact pressure destroyer (flushing box) made of stainless steel and transport case optionally available
¹⁾ optional, ²⁾ Flow measurement from 1 m/s to 12 m/s, ³⁾ Pressure measurement
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Packages and prices


Simple execution of measurements

€ 79 one-time incl. support and upgrades for one year
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SIMPLE solution for single measurements
  • perform any number of measurements and archive for 2 years
  • remote control hydrant tester MECON HTL
  • export of the protocols as PDF file, as CSV file and as XML file
  • licence for 1 measuring device
  • 1 project
  • 1 authorization
Hydrant measurement

Carrying out measurements and saving protocols

€ 22,50 per month Order now
BASIS-MEASUREMENT functions and in addition:
  • Hydrant database with photo, GPS position, map view, QR codes etc.
  • Linking the measurement protocols with the hydrants (measuring points)
  • unlimited storage period of the measurement protocols within the contract period
  • comparison of different measurement protocols
  • post-processing of reports (calculating pressure difference, zoom function, inserting and positioning explanations)
  • storage and recovery of old data versions
  • licence for 1 measuring device
  • 1 project
  • 1 authorization
*Additional hydrant packages, administrators, projects, authorizations and licenses for measuring instruments on request
Hydrant maintenance

Regular measurements and maintenance documentation

€ 49,00 per month Order now
HYDRANT MEASUREMENT functions and in addition:
  • documentation of hydrant maintenance according to DVGW W400-3-B1
  • automatic reminder of necessary maintenance tasks
  • organize the data in projects
  • set permissions for individual users
  • share data with other users and for example make it available to the fire department
  • simple notification of defects by the fire department
  • storage and recovery of old data versions
  • incl. usage for 500 hydrants*
  • licence for 1 measuring device*
  • 1 administrator*
  • 5 projects*
  • 10 authorizations*
*Additional hydrant packages, administrators, projects, authorizations and licenses for measuring instruments on request

Ideal for conducting extensive measurement campaigns

Individual offer Request offer
HYDRANT MAINTENANCE functions and in addition:
  • planning and implementation of measurement campaigns (measurement with several measuring points in parallel)
  • document individual maintenance logs
  • maintenance planning / flushing planning
  • Logbook and file storage
  • Direct access to data for your customers
  • number of users, projects, authorizations and measuring devices as required

* For use within one territorial authority. Larger extension packages available on request.

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